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Al-Ain Visit

Al Ain, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is an inland oasis city on the eastern border with Oman. It’s known as the Garden City for its palm groves and natural springs.

Bronze Age remains include tombs on the towering Jebel Hafeet, a mountain to the south, and in Al Hili Archaeological Park, to the north. The central Al Ain National Museum displays artifacts from these sites.


  • Pick & Drop
  • Lunch & Soft Drinks
  • Faydah, Jebel Hafeet
  • National Museum
  • Palace of Sheikh Zayed

The tour starts in the morning and we Head towards Al Ain, Boasting the region’s largest oasis. An irrigation coming from the palm tree that supplies the water of each household in Al Ain. Then we go to the local camel market where live camels are sold, after this we visit the Palace of Sheikh Zayed where he was born and raised we send about 20 minutes here.

After this we go to Ain Al Faydah for about 15 minutes, this is located at the bottom of Jebel Hafeet Mountain, many small falls surrounds the area. Not to be surprised if you see people taking a bath. There’s a separate bathing area for ladies and men. After this we drive to Jebel Hafeet which is the home of the UAE’s highest mountain with a 13-kilometre highway. The view from the top provides panoramic perspective of the city and the surrounding areas.

We have our Lunch at the Grand Mercury Hotel and this is for 1 hour, this hotel is found in the middle of Jebel Hafeet Mountain. Choose from the assortment found on the buffet table and experience a very relaxing lunch. After the relaxing lunch we go to the Al Ain Zoo and then drive to Buraimi which is the border between Al Ain and Oman, finally our last stop before heading back is Al Ain National Museum.